every time someone goes into business for themselves, an angel gets their wings.

If you want follow your passion, learn about yourself and grow as a person, starting and running your business is a wonderful way to do it. Start My Gainesville Business wants to help you turn your dreams into reality. Following the steps and advice in this course will give you the best possible footing on this fabulous journey.

Contents of the course

  • 1

    How To Navigate This Course 🔑

    • Welcome!

  • 2

    Phase 1 RESEARCH 🤓

    • Three Areas of Critical Research

  • 3

    Research Personal Issues 😇

    • Do you have what it takes?

    • Do you believe the myths or realities?

  • 4

    Research Regulatory Issues 😲

    • Do I need legal and tax advice?

    • Do I need insurance advice?

    • What corporate structure should I choose?

    • Do I need a FEIN (Federal Employer Identification Number)?

    • Do I need to be licensed by the State of Florida?

    • Do I need to register for a fictitious name?

    • Do I need to register for any state of Florida taxes?

    • Do I need to register for any Alachua County taxes?

    • Do I need to register for any City of Gainesville taxes?

    • Where will my business be located?

    • What are the business incentives in Gainesville and Alachua County?

    • What are the business incentives in Florida?

  • 5

    Research Business Plan Issues 🙄

    • Do I need to make a business plan?

    • What services and equipment will I need?

    • What are my Mission, Value & Vision Statements?

    • Tips for Creating a Mission Statement

    • Tips for Creating a Value Statement

    • Tips for Creating a Vision Statement

    • What do I know about my industry?

    • Who is my competition?

    • Who are my customers?

    • What is my Elevator Pitch?

  • 6

    Phase 2 DECIDE 🤔

    • Make These Six Decisions ...

    • Decide on a Business Location & Mailing Address

    • Decide on a Corporate & Tax Structure

    • Decide on a Business Name

    • Decide on a Website Name

    • Decide on Banking and Merchant Services

    • Decide on a Marketing Plan

  • 7

    Phase 3 REGISTER 😀

    • It's Time to Register Your New Business

    • Sole Proprietor Registrations

    • Limited Liability Corp (LLC) Registrations

    • S Corporation Registrations

    • C Corporation Registrations

    • Partnership Registrations

  • 8

    Phase 4 PREPARE 🤑

    • Prepare for Opening Day

  • 9

    Phase 5 MAINTAIN 😎

    • Stay Organized and Focused with These Best Practices

    • Record Keeping

    • Filing Systems

    • Tax Deadlines

    • Internal Controls

    • Human Resources and Personnel Files

    • Employees vs Independent Contractors

    • Employee Overtime Laws

    • Hiring Interns

    • Bookkeeping

    • Pros & Cons of QuickBooks Online and Desktop Versions

  • 10

    Congrats! 🎉

    • Stephanie's Contact Info

    • FaceBook Group


About Your Instructor

Stephanie Travis

Helping others start and run a business is one of my favorite things to think about, talk about and do!I am a 40-year resident of Gainesville, Florida and the owner of One Source Accounting LLC, a company providing outsourced bookkeeping, managerial accounting and consulting services. I received a Master of Accounting degree from the University of Florida in 1995 and started One Source Accounting LLC in 2005.Starting and owning my business has been one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences of my life. Still, after 12 years, I smile each morning because I love the choices self-employment provides. Whenever I meet others who are on this wild and crazy ride, I can’t help but talk about it. I want to hear what they are going through, how they solve problems, what brings them joy and what successes they experience.

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